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Financial Services

Large Enough to Meet All your Financial Needs

We are global experts undertaking a wide range of financial challenges from strategy and governance to the design and marketing of financial instruments.

We combine senior expertise with data driven insights and customized advisory services to help our clients realise their full potential and utilize it to achieve their financial goals.


Our team of Corporate Finance professionals already well versed in the art of financing projects in many parts of the globe.


As a result of many years work in this field our teams have built up solid relationships with finance houses and other financial institutions no matter where the finance is needed.

SGP has been carrying out this work for many years and has proved successful for many clients world-wide.

Remember good ideas are not always enough: as well as the idea the entrepreneur also needs to have a good finance team.

Trust us to look after you: we will not let you down



Bookkeeping transactions are the backbone of any accounting system and therefore require expert attention. By delegating these functions to SGP Capital Holding AG, accurate and reliable data, timely reports and a shorter cash flow cycle will be realized immediately. 



SGP has expertise in accounting services. We have more than thirty experience in this field. We will not only provide you with high-quality accounting services and advice, but also excellent solutions to face critical or complex issues.



As full service accounting firm that works globally, we can help you determine the value of your business. Whether you are looking to sell your business, buy a business, or restructure your current operations we have services to meet your needs.



Entrepreneurs face many challenges in their corporate lives: starting a business, expansion whether by organic growth or perhaps an acquisition and then ultimately a flotation or sale.

Our experienced corporate finance team has worked on a diverse range of transactions across numerous sectors and enjoys excellent working relationships with financial institutions and other professionals. We provide strategic advice on achieving your goals and help at a transactional level by structuring deals to fit in with your objectives.



We can advise on a range of fund-raising options including bank or working capital finance, loan stock, and third-party non-equity investors.

Our network of contacts will help secure the right finance package.

Businesses should give themselves the best chance by obtaining professional advice. SGP has considerable experience in this area and we base our advice on sound projections.

We establish both how and over what period funds will be utilised, where specialist advice, such as for obtaining grants or venture capital is necessary.



The corporate restructuring team compromises of a group of specialists who have had many years of working with troubled businesses.

Our team has demonstrated their experience skill and problem-solving abilities by working with all major leaders in the UK. The team is forefront of turnaround work and provides solutions and strong leadership whenever a problem arises.

We are here to make sure that each and every one of our clients enjoys a well-informed and fully impartial financial advice.

This could mean the difference between seeing your wealth grow or wither away.
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